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International Forum 27th March 2009

It is the right of all citizens to ask questions about possible dangers. It is the duty of the State to protect.  Is the Bueso/Schiller Institute/LaRouche Youth Movement a danger?

On FRIDAY the 27th March 2009 we  will gather in Wiesbaden to appeal to the good people of Wiesbaden to address the question: Why did Jeremiah Duggan die? We will ask: is the LaRouche/Bueso group a danger to Society?

In Berlin, in October 2008, at a conference attended by Professor Weisskirchen (MP, SPD, OSCE Chairman-in-Office’s Personal Representative on Combating Anti-Semitism), Hans-Christian Stroebele ( Greens), Ursula Caberta (AGS), it was concluded that:The LaRouche network is a totalitarian political organization that operates through a variety of front groups throughout the world. Its leader is a convicted Fraudster Lyndon LaRouche who has lectured in Germany, promoting his anti-semitic conspiracy theories. The LaRouche Organisation is present in Germany in the form of a political party, the BüSo Party, which unscrupulously exploits the freedom enjoyed by political parties.

 In 1994, the Bueso was described in the Bundestag as a political Sect. For 30 years the LaRouche group has operated with impunity out of Wiesbaden, Germany. Here they  run schools for militants, and recruit youth to be full time members and abandon their studies. Methods used include:manipulation, pscho terror and sleep deprivation.. These young people are encouraged to abandon professional education and study and live close together in crowded living areas. They are doled out an allowance for subsistence at the Organisation's discretion and work full-time for LaRouche with little time off for leisure or holidays. Lyndon LaRouche, (USA) and his German wife Helga Zepp LaRouche use conspiracy theories based on a foundation of anti-Semitism to put people under pressure to raise money for their purposes while the international financial arrangement of the LaRouche network remains a secret. The network is both well connected and wealthy.

Their leaders uses threats and intimidation to stifle the media. If families speak out they fear their sons/daughters will not be permitted speak to them again. Families are subjugated the same as their children

The title of "The Schiller Institute" is given to an association headed by LaRouche's German wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Poetry Maths and music is used as a smokescreen to cover their true purposes. On the morning  of  his  death  Jeremiah  was  described  by  Helga Zepp LaRouche at a meeting in the EIR offices to be a representative of the enemy: British, a Jew and sent over from Britain by the Tavistock Clinic to harm the LaRouche organization. The spot where Jeremiah's body was found is in close proximity to the offices of the LaRouche Press organization, the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR). The LaRouche organization operates as a Private Intelligence and seek as much wealth and connections as to make their position safe. For six years, Jeremiah Duggan’s mother Erica Duggan has tried through the legal system to establish what happened to her son, and yet to date there has been no effective investigation. Since 2006 the verdict to re-open investigation is awaited from the Constitutional Court based on human rights violations. For

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